Your clients may be your best teachers

Yesterday I talked about patterns that often show up among clients. For example, you might always attract people who are stressed about money. Or you might always draw those who are unhappy with their current spiritual path. As a lightworker, you’re trained to not only help such clients along their path, but to benefit from the messages that your clients have for you. One massage therapist recently realized that the last few clients she saw complained about back pain and described being overwhelmed at home. The therapist dished off a few words of advice to each of those clients, reminding them to take care of themselves first and suggesting that they meditate around setting boundaries. Each client left feeling more relaxed and grateful to the massage therapist for her wisdom. It was after one of those sessions that the massage therapist started rubbing her back and thinking about how tired she, in fact, was because of overwhelming obligations with her partner and her partner’s son. She realized that the advice that she was dishing out was in fact the very dose that she needed. Our clients often represent parts of ourselves. When clients come for healing, they often mirror a part of you that needs healing. That’s part of the beauty of the universe. The healer gets as much from the patient as he or she gives. What are your clients telling you and what messages can you take from them to progress on your own spiritual path? As a lightworker business, it’s your obligation to serve – and to grow. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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