Winter Solstice Tips for Soulpreneurs

Like life, business is cyclical. While less conscious entrepreneurs are always racing forward looking for the next mountain to conquer, lightworkers have an understanding of the whims of the Universe. There is ebb and flow; yin and yang. Sometimes it is time to be expressive and creative while other times it is best to go within. The Winter Solstice, with its focus on death, rebirth and introspection, is the perfect time to analyze where our lightworker businesses are and where we want them to go.

winter solsticeThe Winter Solstice, which takes place on the longest night of the year, symbolizes death and destruction while also reflecting hope, faith and the return to light. After all, on the day immediately following the Winter Solstice, the days begin to lengthen again and we are called to have faith that the powerful light of Spring and Summer will once again return.

So how does that apply to your lightworker business? Every business has its ups and downs; there are profitable times, and there are less profitable times. While it’s easy to panic during an unprofitable time, the Winter Solstice reminds us that contraction is normal and just as the sun returns, the time of expansion for your business can return again, as well.

The Winter Solstice also reminds us to have faith that we will manifest what we desire even through we are currently in a period of darkness. Sometimes we have to be still when it seems like nothing is moving forward the way that we want it to. During those times we must have faith that everything is working according to plan and the Universe is doing its part to ensure that our manifestations are moving forward.

A Winter Solstice Ritual for Lightworkers

The Winter Solstice is a great time for business owners to think about how their businesses have grown and changed since the last Winter Solstice.  Ask yourself, what business manifestations are you happy about?  Did you get a wonderful new client? Did you come up with a brilliant idea? Write them down. Pay particular attention to the many good things that happened that were seemingly out of your control. This reminds you to trust that the Universe continues to work on your behalf.

Once you think about the manifestations of the past year, consider what manifestations you want to take place in the coming year. Write down how you want your business to grow and expand. If there are parts of your business model that aren’t working, consider letting them die out now. Write down what you will let go of professionally in 2018, whether it’s an idea that is not working, an unreasonable client or that 9-t0-5 job that you hate. Allow your business to be re-birthed in a way that is more in alignment with where you are trying to go.

Once you’ve written down the business manifestations you would like to see and what you’ve decided to let go of,  light a green candle and a white candle. Let the green symbolize the prosperity of your business and the white symbolize the birth of a new idea. Then, embrace the Winter season as a time to be still and allow yourself to be led to the next chapter of your lightworker business.


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