Why your lightworker business should give back

If you’re a lightworker business owner, you’re likely guided by spiritual principles. One principle you should incorporate into your day-to-day business is that of giving back.

One of the greatest spiritual laws tells us that what we give is what we receive. The underlying principle behind tithing is that we keep blessings flowing to us when we regularly give. On the other hand, when we hoard our money, our time and our energy, we create energy that is stagnant, and we stop abundance from easily coming to us.

So how can you set up your lightworker business to give back? Make it automatic.

You can give a certain percentage of your profits to charity. Perhaps you designate 5 or 10 percent of your profits to be donated to a particular organization whose work you respect.

If you don’t have a lot of money to give, you can donate your time to certain causes. For example, you can offer your Reiki services for free or at a discount to a nursing home once a month.

You can offer a sliding scale fee for some of your services. This is when you charge based on what a person is able to pay. So someone who is able to pay the full price for a psychic reading would do so, while you might charge a lesser amount to someone who can afford less.

There are many different ways to give back to those who need it. You can come up with a situation that works for you, and as long as your heart is in the right place you will reap the benefits. A side benefit is that your good will may raise your profile in the community and lead even more clients to come your way. Don’t be surprised if that happens. After all, when you give, you get.

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