Why you should host a spiritual workshop

instructorOne of the best things about being a lightworker is you can use your talents in a broad variety of ways. You can work with clients one on one, and you can also work with groups of clients. Spiritual workshops are one of the ways in which you can work with many people at once, and educate them about some aspect of holistic healing.

Spiritual workshops can be as large or as small as you want them to me. For example, you can host a spiritual workshop in a community center, a metaphysical church or even somebody’s home. Many holistic centers and churches are looking for workshops to offer. That would be an ideal scenario because they will do much of the marketing of the event for you and this provides a way for you to be introduced to a new audience. In return, typically the church or center will take a portion of the money raised for the event.

If you’re not convinced that you should host a spiritual workshop, consider the following.

Spiritual workshops let you raise awareness of lightworkers in general.

The more people understand about spirituality, healing, energy work and other modalities, the better off they are. There are a lot of false perceptions about energy healers, psychics, astrologers and other lightworkers. Some people are afraid of healing; others want to heal, but don’t know what types of lightworkers are able to facilitate that healing. Many people get their first introduction to different healing modalities by sitting in a workshop listening to a general presentation. You can touch many lives by being that introductory force.

Spiritual workshops help you connect with new customers.

While your main consideration need not be marketing, there’s no reason why you should not always be letting people know about what you do as a lightworker. Remember, your goal is to serve, and you’re more effective about reaching that goal if more people know about you and what you do. A spiritual workshop lets people get a taste of who you are and what you have to offer. Since workshops typically cost less per person than an individual session with a lightworker, participants get to sample what a lightworker can offer them at a lower price. Make sure you make the most of the opportunity by having business cards available, or at the very least a sign-up sheet where people can sign up for your newsletter or future communications.

Spiritual workshops give you a chance to get community feedback.

Another benefit of giving spiritual workshops is that they help you to keep up with what the community wants. During a workshop, you hear the questions that people bring up, and you learn what issues are top of mind. This can help you to better serve your community. If there’s an area that many people are unfamiliar with, perhaps you can have another workshop later giving them the information that they want. You’ll also find out what the community is not interested in so you can determine whether you’re targeting the right people with your services in the first place.

Spiritual workshops give you a change of pace.

We all like a little bit of variety. If you do readings or massages or offer another service all the time, a spiritual workshop can be a welcome change to your routine. Not only does it help you to evolve as a teacher, but it adds a new dimension to your role as a practitioner. Many people also believe, whether it’s wrong or right, that those who teach are more proficient at their craft. So while you’re having fun using a new skill, you may also be improving your standing in the community’s eyes in the process.

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