Why the wounded make the best healers

gift-wound-grIs there an area of your life that you have struggled with and experienced failure over and over again? Is there an area of your life where you feel particularly wounded and as if you may be carrying the weight of the world? Congratulations. You are likely called to be a healer.

While many people run from the call to be a healer by saying they are too wounded or that they haven’t mastered their own lives, those qualities are what, in fact, make them best suited to healing professions.

The wounded healer is, in fact, a spiritual archetype that describes one that is working through his or her challenges and then helps others to do the same. Note that I said “working through” and not “worked through.” Healing is a lifelong mission, and certain wounds may always be challenging, but that doesn’t mean you’re not equipped to help others battle similar demons.

If you’re wounded, you understand what it is to struggle. You understand what it is to doubt. You understand what it is to try and fail. So when you work with people who are experiencing the same challenges, you can provide insight and encouragement that is authentic and that comes from a place of power.

Many healers say that they tend to attract clients who have problems that are similar to their own. For example, the astrologer who has struggled with relationships tends to attract clients who are frustrated by relationship problems. The coach who struggles with confidence tends to attract clients who mirror their fears.

There is a good reason for that. When healers work with clients who have similar wounds both parties benefit. The client gets the perspective of someone who truly understands what they are going through and the healer receives a deeper level of healing by calling forth his or her wisdom on the subject in order to be of service to the client.

Wounded healers know who they are. They feel driven to understand themselves and to understand the spiritual causes of their challenges. They tend to be drawn to people who have similar challenges. Often they are counselors to their friends and family members. People are drawn to their empathy and want them provide advice and insight.

If you’re a wounded healer, don’t wait until you are ‘healed’ to start offering your services. Again, healing is a lifelong process. Wherever you are in your journey there is someone who knows less. That is the student you will attract. If you’re not sure how to use your gifts, consider taking a course on sharing your spiritual gifts, such as Healer, Psychic Medium by James Van Praagh. You can find other courses in our list of training courses and certifications for lightworkers.

While you may have struggled with something your entire life, your greatest gift lies within your deepest wound.

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