Why spiritual healers should rent space together

One of the biggest expenses lightworker business owners may have is rent. If you don’t work in the home and you see some clients face to face, you need someplace to conduct business, and that typically comes at a cost.

However, spiritual healers can save money and gain new exposure for their businesses by renting a shared space. The key to such an arrangement is getting different types of lightworkers together. For example, you might have a psychic, a Reiki practitioner, an astrologer and an acupuncturist. That way, when clients come to visit one spiritual business, they can find out about all of the other businesses that are sharing the same space.

The space doesn’t necessarily have to be very large, particularly if the business owners see clients at different times of the day or on different days. For example, the psychic might have office hours on Tuesday and Thursday, while the acupuncturist may see clients on Wednesday and Friday.

The entire space can be marketed as a space of healing, which provides even more marketing muscle for all of the lightworker business owners involved. If one of the business owners decides to leave, another lightworker can rent that space.

If you want to really take your business to another level, you might buy a space and rent it out to multiple lightworkers. You get all of the benefits listed above, plus you get to add real estate to your business arsenal.



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