Why Reiki training classes should remain small

If you offer Reiki training and workshops, you might be tempted to host as many students as possible. Many novice business owners try to cram as many customers into a space as possible. However, that may not be the best idea. Here is why you might want to keeping those Reiki classes small.Reiki Training

Reiki training requires a lot of energy

Working with energy can be draining. If too many people attend your workshops and training, the energy in the room can become low or strained. As a result, you may have trouble teaching. Others may have trouble learning.

It’s also important to create the best environment possible for your clients. Many people interested in Reiki are empaths. They may feel uncomfortable dealing with the energy of a lot of people, and they may prefer smaller class sizes.

You can offer focused attention. With a small class you can offer one-on-one attention or make sure you meet the needs of all of your students. Reiki and other forms of energy healing can be life-transforming for people, particularly those who are experiencing its power for the first time. If a class is too big, you might not pick up on the nuances of individual students as they process the experience and take it all in.

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With smaller classes you can zero in on each student. You can intuitively see what each student needs and how you can best be of service.

You can build demand for your services.  Just because you have small classes doesn’t mean that you have to turn business away. It just means that maybe rather than holding one Reiki class per month, you hold two.

Let those who are interested in attending know that the current class is closed, but the next one will be opening in a month or so. By telling potential students that your classes fill up quickly, you also convey an air of value and exclusivity surrounding your classes. Everyone wants to be a part of something that others find valuable.

You also encourage people to act. When a course is always available, people may put off taking it. They may find excuse after excuse and keep putting it off. By letting them know the class will be closed once its full, you inspire people to go ahead and sign up if they are interested.



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