Why lightworkers should share success stories

gossipWord of mouth is one of the most effective ways to grow a lightworker business. Not only is it free, but people typically trust the words of their peers and colleagues moreso than they trust advertisements or even articles in the media.

Think about it. How many times have you heard someone go on and on about a psychic reading they had or a service they experienced only to find yourself wanting to give it a try too? After all, your friends and colleagues tell you when they spend money on something that was NOT a good experience, so you trust them when they tell you about their good results, too.

You can contribute to the word-of-mouth buzz that surrounds your business by asking happy clients if you can share their success stories with others. Here are some ways to get those stories out there.

Collect testimonials. Your Web site is the perfect place to put testimonials from clients. Ask clients to write a paragraph or two about how your services have helped them and post them online so that others will see them when they are researching your services. Some clients may not want to give their full name, so give them the option of just using their first name.

Get LinkedIn recommendations. If you’re on LinkedIn (and you should be), there’s a feature that allows you to let people provide recommendations about your work. Don’t just leave it to chance that clients will take the time to write recommendations. Ask clients who are happy with your work to do it. While everyone might not take the time to do so, some will, and that can provide someone with just enough inspiration to give your services a try.

Share stories on Facebook. One of the most effective uses of this strategy was done by a psychic I know. She had a client come to visit her not for a reading but to share some good news. At an earlier reading, the psychic had told her about a man she was going to marry. The woman arrived this day with her fiancé because she wanted the psychic to know about her psychic hit and to meet her soon-to-be husband. The psychic shared this information on her Facebook page (another marketing tool lightworkers should have) and not surprisingly, the news resulted in a number of new appointments.

Some may feel uncomfortable sharing because they believe it to be bragging, but in reality, you’re sharing with potential clients the reasons why they might benefit from your services. Isn’t that a win-win for everyone?

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