Why lightworkers should share spiritual healing techniques

One way that lightworkers and spiritual healers are different from other business owners is that we don’t buy into the notion of competition. Society often succumbs to the belief that resources are limited and the strongest man or woman will win at the expense of the weak. But lightworkers believe in collaboration, and we understand that there is more than enough for everybody. The Law of Attraction shows us that there is abundance all around us, and we only need to tap into that constant flow to receive all that we need.

One thing that healers who are business owners should do is share spiritual healing techniques with one another. One way to do this is to have frequent networking sessions where you can share what you do and explain how you do it. The reason for sharing spiritual healing techniques is not so much so that others can start doing what you do (though there’s nothing wrong with that.) But the main reason is so that other spiritual healers can share what they know about you to people who may need your service.

Young Woman MeditatingLightworkers don’t just go into business for the money. We go into business as a way to serve those who need the healing that we help to facilitate in the world. When someone experiences a spiritual healing, we feel good because we know how important it is for us all to be as whole and healthy as we can be. If you share spiritual healing techniques with me and I understand how you help people, I can refer someone to you when I recognize that the person is in need of what you have to offer. On the flip side, if you understand my spiritual healing techniques, you can do the same. By sharing spiritual healing techniques, lightworkers are actually marketing and spreading the news about how we can be of service.

Lightworkers are pioneers in business in that we turn business upside down by focusing on authentic connections and opportunities to work together rather than compete against one another. Sharing spiritual healing techniques is one of the best ways that we can foster that spirit of ultimate collaboration.

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