Why lightworkers should sell packages

When you start your lightworker business, it’s common to focus on one-time services. For example, you might offer clients a psychic reading or a Reiki session. However, as your business grows, you want to start thinking about packages. Many of your clients will come back to you for more services, and there are ways to encourage even more clients to do so.

One way is to sell packages of services. While you can still promote one-time services, why not give your customers the option to buy three psychic readings at once. No, they’re not going to get three psychic readings the same day one after the other. But get them to buy their next three psychic readings today — all at once. Not only do you get three sales in one, but you get an infusion of cash that could help your lightworker business to handle its day to day expenses.

So why would a client buy three readings today rather than waiting to buy each reading when they actually plan to use it? Well you have to give them an incentive. Give them a discount on the three services if they buy them all at once.

For example, if you charged $75 for a single session, you might charge them $195 for three readings, which saves them $10 per reading. The client gets the benefit of locking in a lower rate and you get the benefit of lining up three sales at once.

You can also encourage your clients to buy a package of services and give one or more away as a gift. For example, if I love massages and I have a friend who loves massages, I can buy a package of massage sessions and give one of my sessions to my friend for her birthday. Many of your clients might not have considered giving away your services as gifts. It’s up to you to share with them all of the ways that they can utilize your services and benefit from them.

When doing this you should, however, give clients a certain amount of time to redeem the packages. For example, you might give them six months to have the sessions. If they don’t redeem, it doesn’t hurt you as the business owner since you already collected the money for the sale. After that point, they would have to purchase another service or package of services.

There are some lightworkers who have stopped offering single session services altogether. They’d rather focus on clients that want to work over an extended period of time. In doing so, they attract clients who want to go deeper in their healing work. There’s nothing right or wrong with this approach; it is simply a matter of knowing what type of client you want to attract and meeting that client where it is.

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