Why lightworkers should reject some clients

If your goal is to attract as many clients and customers as possible, you’re making a huge mistake. Instead, lightworkers should intend to attract the clients that are in alignment with them.

If you don’t believe that, consider the following scenarios. You attract 100 new clients, which should make you happy, right? Well what if half of them complain about your fees and don’t want to pay what you charge. Another segment of those new clients say they will pay you but they pay you late, leaving you with cashflow problems a couple of months from now. Another few of those new clients complain about the work you did and tell you it wasn’t helpful enough for them. Finally, a couple of those new clients are needy, calling you for help over and over again rather than empowering themselves to make their own decisions in their lives. Are you still happy with the 100 new clients?

Rather than looking to take money from anyone who will give it to you set the intention that you attract the right clients. You want clients who will pay your fee on time and who will be empowered by your services. You want clients who will be so inspired by your work that they tell their friends about you. You want clients who are a joy to work with. So what do you do if some of the clients you have are the total opposite of that?

You fire them. That’s right, there’s nothing wrong with distancing yourself from clients that don’t fit. So how do you do that without burning your bridges? Be honest, but say it in an artful way. Let the client know that you don’t believe you’re the right practitioner for him or her, but  suggest another practitioner that they may want to explore services with.

If you don’t want to go that route, tell the client you’re booked and won’t have openings for awhile. Then, suggest another lightworker they might be able to work with. The idea is to distance yourself from a situation that you know is not working for you, while continuing to help the client. In this instance you’re helping the client by suggesting someone who may be more in alignment with him or her.

Once you get rid of the clients you don’t want, you’ve created a void that provides a space for the clients that you do want.

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  1. This is so on point! This is actually working for me now. I had that problem a couple of months ago dealingw with clients who were not compatible with me. I rather have 50 people who consistently support me versus a hundred who can be a distraction. While everything is a learning experience, i don’t have to and choose not to accept bad treatment of my business just to “get the lesson”.


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