Why lightworkers should limit the size of their workshops

healing classIf you’re planning to host your first workshop in 2014, good for you. Workshops are good business for spiritual healers for many reasons.

—They introduce more people to the lightworker’s products or services.

—They are a venue in which multiple clients can be served at one time.

—Lightworkers can charge less and make a profit since there are multiple people paying for the service.

You may, in fact, be tempted to cram as many people as possible into a workshop space. However, that may not be the best idea. Limiting the size of your workshops is often the better way to go.

When you limit the size of your workshops, whether it is a psychic development course or a Reiki class, you can give each client more attention. If there are too many participants, the clients can get lost in a sea of people and all of their individual concerns might not be met.

Another reason it makes sense to limit the size of the workshops is so you can learn and allow the workshop to evolve. Each time you conduct a workshop, you’ll likely learn something or want to tweak something to make the course better. By instructing a few people at a time, you have the opportunity to see what works and see what you might want to change the next time.

Finally when you limit the size of your classes, you provide an incentive for clients to sign up. Letting people know that the size is limited often gives them the impetus to act fast. If they wait too long, the class may be filled. When you offer a workshop, the last thing you want is to be wondering days before the start of the class whether you have as many students as you would like. You want people to act fast and get in the habit of signing up for your workshops immediately. As a result, those who try to sign up late will find that the class is closed.

You may be wondering why it’s a good thing to turn away potential clients. Noone is saying that you have to turn them away forever. When a client finds that the class is full, it proves to the client that your classes are in demand. Let the client know that you will be offering the class again (and when that will be). Then, when you offer the class again, follow up with all of the people who tried to sign up for the workshop too late.  This time, chances are, they will sign up early and you’ll have two successful workshops rather than one.


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