Why lightworkers should barter healing services

Small business owners who are trying to conserve cash have an asset that can help them to get the products and services they need. They can barter their service for the service of another. For lightworkers, this opens up a whole world of healing services. Find other lightworkers who offer services that are different than yours and both of you benefit from the healing that can take place.

However, there are other benefits to bartering your healing services with other lightworkers. First of all, you get to know other members of the healing community. Networking with other spiritual entrepreneurs will help all of you to gain business knowledge as you share ideas and are able to help each other through business challenges.

Another benefit is that you get to learn more about other healing modalities. As a lightworker business owner, the more knowledge you have about healing, the more you are able to help your own clients. Education is ongoing and we should always be looking for ways to add to what we already know.

Once you know about other lightworkers who are offering other services, you can help your clients by referring them if your clients need that particular service. For example, if you are an astrologer and one of your clients mentions that they would like find an acupuncturist, you might be able to recommend one whose services you have benefited from yourself. In this scenario, you are adding even more value to your clients.

The same goes for other lightworkers who have experienced your services through a bartering agreement. When you barter, more people become aware of your services, so in a sense, you can consider bartering a form of marketing. As more people benefit from your service, they are likely to spread the word to others about all that you do.

You can also spread awareness of your services by bartering outside of the lightworker community. For example, you might barter your healing services for accounting services during tax time. Not only do you get other services that you need performed, but you’ve introduced your healing services to business owners in other fields who can continue to spread the word about what you have to offer.

Bartering is a creative way to exchange services. Remember, cash is simply energy. If you can find other ways to exchange energy for services, it may serve your needs just as well.

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