Why lightworkers need to write a book

You don’t need to be a writer to have a book. That particularly applies in the case of e-books since they’re easier and less expensive to create than traditional books. If you’ve ever wondered whether you had a story to tell, the answer is ‘yes.’ Every conscious entrepreneur needs to pen their own book and here are the reasons why.

1) They help potential clients know more about you. Business is about cultivating relationships. When people think they know you, they’re more willing to buy from you. If you don’t believe that, consider the reality TV craze and how people like the Kardashians are making millions because people think they know them and  want to be like them. By writing a book, you give a broader audience anopportunity to know you and what you stand for.


2) They position you as an expert. Whether it’s an accurate belief or not, people look at book authors as authorities in whatever topic they write about. If you’ve written a book about astrology, many consumers will think you know more about it than an astrologer who has not written a book. As a result, many holistic business owners who are authors will find that people who read their books were likely to reach out to benefit directly from the expertise of the author.

3) They increase your odds of getting media coverage. Consumers aren’t the only ones who view authors as authorities. Journalists also frequently look for authors to interview for their stories. The assumption is that if you spent the time researching and writing about a particular topic in-depth, you will be able to shed light on the subject matter. Media coverage is an excellent way for lightworkers to expose a broader audience to their service or product.

4) They create another stream of income. If you’re going to charge for a book, you’ll naturally make some money off of it. However, even if you offer an ebook for free, you’re gaining a valuable resource — the contact information of the person downloading the book. Many bloggers and ebook authors offer ebooks for free in exchange for people submitting their email addresses. Those email addresses are worth gold since they provide a method for you to keep in touch with potential customers at a later time.



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