Why Lightworkers May Want to Write That Book Now

If you have always dreamed about writing a book, you’re not alone. Many people have thought about sharing their expertise with the general public through non-fiction. But if you are a lightworker, the time to write a book may be right now.

People write books for all kinds of reasons. One of the biggest benefits of doing so: you can establish yourself as an expert in your field and potentially connect with more customers. You also get to contribute to the knowledge of the collective world community about the topic that you have an expertise in.

For lightworkers, writing a book can be a way to bring healing to the world as it can expose people to new concepts that they might not be familiar with. I can think of so many books that have influenced me over the years from fictional works such as The Alchemist to non-fiction books such as Diary of a Psychic.

While there is never a bad time to put some energy into following a dream, today might be a particularly good time to pursue writing if you’re a lightworker. It seems the mainstream publishing world has realized that books by lightworkers are in high demand.

The publishing company St. Martin’s Press recently announced that they had signed yoga instructor Christi Christensen to a book deal for her upcoming book Chakra Rituals: Releasing the Wild Woman Within.

But that’s not the biggest news; the bigger news is that they were willing to offer Christensen a six-figure book advance.

If you’re not familiar with the publishing industry, let me tell you that’s not usual. Advances used to be common but in recent years they’ve become non-existent in many cases unless you were a celebrity writing a book. But according to Publisher’s Weekly, St. Martin’s Press finds Christensen’s book idea to be a winning one for them because there is mainstream interest in different aspects of spirituality such as witchcraft, moonwork and crystals.

Sure, lightworkers don’t necessarily work for the money; we’re driven by something larger. But financial success helps you make a bigger impact so get to writing.

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