Why lightworkers can use coaching and mentoring courses

If you have a spiritual healing business, chances are you’re always looking for new ways to help others. You know that healing is a process; it’s not a one-time thing. Many of your clients will need ongoing support as they experience the benefits of your healing product or service. Are you prepared to offer them that support?

Coaching and mentoring are ways that you can support your clients through their healing process. It’s not unusual for lightworkers to practice more than one form of healing work. For example, a Reiki practitioner may also do psychic readings. Or an acupuncturist may do Feng Shui or perhaps a different form of energy work.  Coaching and mentoring provide yet another way for lightworkers to continue to support their clients and expand their business.

School Children in Physical Education ClassPeople turn to coaches and mentors to help them with their day-to-day walk through life. A holistic coach or a life coach can help someone to make goals and keep them. He or she can also help a client  to work through fears and challenges. Then there are nutrition coaches who can help someone to make lasting changes to their diet and lifestyle. Fitness coaches can help clients to keep up with an exercise regimen and make changes to create a healthier life. Law of Attraction coaches can help people to apply Law of Attraction principles to their daily lives. It’s one thing to read books by Abraham-Hicks. It’s another thing entirely to apply the information in a fitting way to your life.

But can anyone be a coach? Technically, yes. But if you want to be the most effective coach possible, you might want to seek out coaching and mentoring courses. You may know everything about the subject matter you’re going to be coaching someone on. For example, you may know all of the ins and outs of the Law of Attraction, but you want to make sure you know coaching principles so that you can communicate that information in the best way possible. A coaching or mentoring course can teach you how to get through to clients. It can teach you how to work with someone who has very strong emotional blocks in a certain area. It can teach you exercises that you can use to open the lines of communication between yourself and a client. By taking coaching and mentoring courses, lightworkers can make sure that they know how to work with different personalities and they can learn some motivation techniques that they can use to keep their clients moving forward successfully.

How to find coaching and mentoring courses

You can spend several years and several thousand dollars taking courses to become a coach. But for lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs, that may not be the best option. Chances are your client base is going to come from your main area of service. And coaching will likely be a small part of everything that you offer.  You simply want to learn some coaching techniques that you can apply to the holistic knowledge that you have already amassed.  You also may not have a lot of time to devote to training so it would be ideal to find something that you can do online at your own pace. If this is the case, over the next few days, we’ll be discussing a few coaching certification programs that you might want to explore.

If you like working with children, consider becoming a Certified Self-Esteem Coach for Children. Taught by Dr. Joe Rubino, the program helps you to learn how to teach children to become more self-confident and empowered. It teaches you how to recognize different roadblocks that children commonly face and how to help children to overcome them. The course also teaches you different strategies to connect with different types of children so that you can increase that child’s likelihood of understanding and applying your message. Teachers and others that spend alot of time with children can also benefit from this information. If you like to see children evolve and become strong and confident in what they do, you can play a major role in helping them to get here. Click here to learn how to become a Certified Self-Esteem Coach for Children.

If your desire is to be a life coach, consider taking the Life Coach Certification Program developed by hypnotist Steve Jones. According to Jones, “a coach helps a person find whatever it is that is already within them and utilize it to make them more successful at achieving their goals.” His program teaches you how to create your own coaching model, which you’ll use to help your clients identify their goals, recognize their challenges and stay on the path to their destination. You’ll learn different communication tactics and how to motivate clients who are hesitant to take action. Since Steve Jones is a hypnotist and a lightworker himself, he understands the world of a spiritual entrepreneur. As a result, he spends a good deal of time teaching how to utilize intuition within the coaching process. Regardless of what you want to coach people to do, Jones’ program will help you to get there. Click here to learn how to benefit from Jones’ Life Coach Certification Program.

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