Why healers should sell products

ebookHealers and other lightworker business owners typically have service-oriented businesses. That means clients make appointments and the business owner spends time working with the client one-on-one. But one way to increase the streams of income that your lightworker business has is to create a product.

Think about it, you can sell a product 24 hours a day. You don’t have to have an open schedule. You can literally sell the product while you sleep. With services, you’re limited to servicing the number of clients that you can physically, mentally and spiritually handle.

So what kinds of products can you sell? You might be thinking that as a service-based business, you don’t have any products. Well, be creative. Any business owner can create a product in this information age. You can package and sell your knowledge!

You can create an ebook. Books are easier to develop than they have ever been because you don’t have to worry about printing presses and printing costs. An ebook can share your philosophy with potential readers or information about the service that you provide. For example, a psychic can write an ebook teaching others how to strengthen their psychic abilities.

You can create an online course. If you offer workshops and classes to clients, consider how to sell your course online. By offering an online course that people can download, you don’t limit yourself to teaching students only when your calendar allows.

You can sell other people’s products. Another way you can sell products is to purchase them wholesale and sell them to your client base. By making deals with companies that sell metaphysical products, you might be able to get the products in bulk at a discount. By marking the price up and selling the products to your clients, you can then enjoy a profit.

One mistake people make is believing that they have to work harder or work more hours in order for their business to make more money. That’s a myth that smart lightworkers can disprove. Work smarter and think of ways to add value to your clients and future clients. Products can give your business a boost and bring light to more people in the process.

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