Why aren’t lightworkers more prosperous?

Lightworkers understand Spiritual law so we should be the most prosperous beings on the planet. So why are so many lightworker business owners struggling financially? Why are so many lightworker business owners trying to figure out how they’re going to pay the mortgage or the rent rather than living a life of prosperity and abundance?

Why aren’t lightworkers the CEOs of the most prosperous businesses in the world, since their businesses are doing so much good for the world and for society at large?

There are likely as many reasons as there are lightworkers themselves, but here are a few reasons that I’ve seen over and over again.

Some lightworkers have a belief that they shouldn’t be paid for a Spiritual gift.

Some lightworkers have a belief that since their healing gift comes natural, they shouldn’t receive cash for it.

Some lightworkers think they aren’t being Spiritual if they ask for money.

Some lightworkers think they can’t turn anyone away who does not have money.

Some lightworkers think they are not being Spiritual if they remind a late-paying client to pay.

Some lightworkers think they don’t need to know/understand/make use of business skills.

Some lightworkers are afraid to raise their prices or charge what they secretly want to make.

Some lightworkers don’t create systems so that they build consistency into their business practices.

Some lightworkers dabble in their businesses rather than go all in.

Some lightworkers are afraid to show the world their genius.

Some lightworkers are afraid to show the world their Spiritual beliefs.

Some lightworkers constantly find reasons to delay the launch/expansion of their business.

Some lightworkers are afraid of success.

Do any of these reasons sound familiar? What’s stopping you from having the successful, prosperous lightworker business that you deserve?


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