When lightworkers should fire a customer

One thing that differentiates spiritual entrepreneurs from other business owners: We want a business that is in alignment with who we are. That also means we want customers who are in alignment with us. While some business owners are on the prowl for any customer that will part with his or her money, spiritual entrepreneurs want the RIGHT customers. Spiritual entrepreneurs want customers who can benefit most from our services. We want a win-win situation for all involved.

So what does that mean? How do we know that we’re in alignment with our customers? Well, let’s go about answering this question by looking at signs that a customer is NOT in alignment with us.

1. The customer is cynical of your product or service.  I never understand why someone who claims to not believe in psychic readings will spend money to get one  just to prove themselves right. Seems like a waste of money to me, and for the psychic, it’s a waste of his or her time. I once attended a workshop by Law of Attraction gurus Abraham-Hicks and someone paid a couple hundred dollars to get into the workshop and then tried to challenge what Esther Hicks was doing. This wasted the time of everyone involved. If you come across one who wants you to prove to him or her that your service actually will work, rest assured that you can attract a customer who already knows.

2. The customer complains about the price.  Here’s a business lesson that everyone should learn. There will always be someone who will complain about your price. But that doesn’t automatically mean your prices are too high. It just means that person isn’t in alignment with your business as your business currently is. There are people who charge $1000 for psychic readings. And guess what? They have customers that pay. They may not have as many customers as the person who charges $50 for a psychic reading. (But they don’t need as many customers to make a living either.) If your target customer complains about the price, you have two options. You can adjust your price to reflect what your target customer will pay, or you can decide that you will focus on a new target customer. Either choice is ok; just make sure you are clear about what customer you want to build your business around.

3. You have a bad feeling about the customer. Lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs tend to have very powerful intuition. We understand that our feelings about situations are very important. We trust our guts when we don’t like something or someone. This should apply to business as well as your personal life. If you intuitively dislike a customer, don’t wait to see proof or evidence that you were right to feel this way. Trust your intuition and cut the ties now.

4. The customer complains about the service. Ever know someone who complained about every service they received so they could get a free service or a discount? Unfortunately, there are many people who will do that. How do you recognize such people? They complain constantly about your service but they keep coming back. (Trust me, if a service is bad enough where I’m going to keep complaining about it, I’m not going to keep getting that service over and over again.) Sure, a customer may have a legitimate concern now and then, but if complaints occur frequently, your life will be much more pleasant if you let that client go and allow the Universe to bring you one that is more in alignment.

Applying the Law of Attraction to Business

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