When your clients blame you

Lightworkers: Have you ever had a client blame you for something gone wrong? Maybe a person didn’t get the outcome that she thought you promised her in a reading. Or perhaps a client complained that a healing session didn’t yield the results that he wanted. Regardless of what happened, it doesn’t feel good to be the brunt of somebody’s anger, or have someone use you as their scapegoat.

Yet it happens all the time to lightworkers. “I was devastated the first time a client called me and told me I’d messed up,” said Alisha, an Intuitive in Silver Spring, MD . “She said I told her her boyfriend was ‘the one’ and he proposed to someone else. I don’t remember what I said in that specific reading, but I doubt that I told her he was ‘the one’ because readings always leave room for choice.”

Most times when clients accuse you of getting it wrong it’s because they wanted a certain outcome so bad that they either interpreted your reading in a way that fueled false hope or they latched onto you as a savior who could do for them what they couldn’t do for themselves.  While there’s no way to avoid having this happen to you, there are better ways to handle it. So what do you do?

–Don’t argue or disagree with them. Either the customer knows in her heart of hearts that you had nothing to do with her failure or the customer is convinced you’re a fraud. Either way, arguing or disagreeing is only going to deplete your energy. Plus, as a lightworker and healer, you have nothing to prove.

–Don’t offer to do another reading or service at this time. Many clients will complain about an earlier reading or service in order to get another one that will yield magically different results. Don’t fall for this because chances are the client will be unhappy again. Sometimes clients don’t get the results that they want because the timing’s not right or they’re failing to take heed of a universal lesson. Likewise, a client that’s already focusing on what’s wrong with your service is going to find something else to be wrong with it.

–Do emphasize personal power. Whenever you do a reading or work with a client, explain their role in the interaction. Let them know that they always have choice and the power lies in them, not in you. Every lightworker is a facilitator of healing, but the person who experiences the miracle is ultimately responsible for her own healing or path.

–Be willing to let go of a client. If a client makes you feel bad because he or she didn’t get a desired outcome, don’t be afraid to cut the cords. You can fire a client. Doing so can be empowering, and business leaders of all stripes have discovered how eliminating problem clients creates room for attracting better ones.

–Don’t take it personally. Perhaps most importantly, don’t take it personally.  Often the same clients that accused you of being wrong will come back months or years later and say they found out at a later time that you were actually right. Of course ‘being right’ isn’t why we become lightworkers in the first place. So in all cases, believe in yourself and know that the message you gave or the healing session you participated in served the purpose it was meant to serve.


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  1. This is so on point! Its always great to remind someone that they have a choice and to be open for other possibilities. Being stuck on one result will only stiffle your growth as a human being.


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