When clients get too hooked on psychic readings

Whether you’re a psychic reader or a holistic practitioner that incorporates psychic messages into your practice, you’ll inevitably come across some clients who get addicted to your insights.

Here’s how to identify them:

–They ask for new messages before ample time has passed for former messages to play themselves out.

–They need to consult with you before they make every little decision.

–They give their power away, meaning they ask your permission of things that they have 100 percent control over. 

Clearly, you can choose to take their money, but is that the best choice for all involved?

As lightworkers, we aim to empower our clients. Where’s the empowerment when a client is as dependent upon your insights as an alcoholic is on his nightly drink?

Some ways to be proactive about this:

–Limit how often clients can get psychic readings. Whether it’s one month or three, you can instill a policy that requires clients to take a break and allow life to evolve a little before they return. 

–Offer them psychic training rather than readings. Have them focus on developing their own intuition so they can feel more empowered to make their own decisions.

–Express your concerns. Let your client know that you’re concerned about the way he or she is approaching readings. Use the moment to educate them about how readings are meant to empower our personal choices. You may give up the money for that reading today, but you’ll likely be cementing the loyalty of your client in the long run.



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  1. I had went through this about 11 years or so ago. I knew few people who almost paralyzed themselves just waiting for a message. It was at a point where i didn’t answer my phone at nights because they were becoming psychic vampires. I don’t mean that in such a condescending way but I had to learn to set boundaries and value my personal space. Its unfortunate that at times i have to keep a lot of information to myself and not advertise so much of myself when it comes to this gift. I finally had to cut ties with this person and with some others, circumstances in my life cause me to not be readily available for them. I’ve learned that you as an intuitive have to take care of yourself first or it can create a bad situation for all involved.


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