What’s Your Lightworker Business Set Point?

If your lightworker business isn’t growing as fast as you want it to grow, it can be tempting to look around at what’s going on around you. You might wonder if you’re offering enough services, whether you should change your prices or whether you need to increase your marketing. Sure, you might benefit from doing some of those things, but there may be something more powerful that you can do — identify and change your lightworker business set point.

A set point is the place in which you feel most comfortable subconsciously. It’s a feeling or situation that we feel at home in, so subconsciously we create it over and over and over again. However,  often our conscious minds want something different from our set point, and that is when life can get complicated and we can sabotage ourselves.

As business owners, we may feel comfortable with a particular type of client (such as one that can’t afford to pay). Or we may feel subconsciously like we have to struggle (so we constantly end up having cashflow issues). In order to move past our set points we have to learn how to recognize them. Read on from our sister site PracticalWisdomThatworks.com about how to identify yours.

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