What Tarot Readers Should Do When a Client Hijacks a Reading

If you read tarot cards professionally, you’ve likely found yourself with a large assortment of different types of clients. It is true that people come with many different personalities. Some people are cynical; some people are naturally inquisitive. Then there is the type of client who tries to hijack the reading and steer it in a direction you may not want it to go.  If you are a tarot card reader, how do you handle such a situation?

Learning to take control of your readings is a skill that will come with practice. You want to show a level of confidence. Remember, you are a professional. When you have confidence in your abilities, your clients will have more confidence in what you are telling them.

How Tarot Card Readers Can Stay in Control

One way to prevent someone from taking over the reading is by setting some ground rules. Let the client know before the reading what to expect.  For example, you might tell them that you will give them some general insights and then you will allow them to ask questions. If you, the tarot card reader, want the client to touch the cards or shuffle them, you might explain this at that time, as well.

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Once you start the reading, be confident in the information that you get. If the client tries to challenge what you say, let them know that you get what you get. If it doesn’t make sense to the client, that’s ok. Let them know that sometimes information from a tarot card reading or any other type of psychic reading is not clear until a later time.

Another way a client could try to take over a reading is by trying to get more time with you than the allotted time for the reading. You could be finishing up and the client could keep asking questions or ask for clarification. Most tarot card readers charge by the hour or half hour or whatever time increment they choose. If a client wants more time, they should pay for it.

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Also, if you allow your clients to bully you into giving them more time, you could be late for your next appointment or throw off the other events in your day. To keep this from happening, have some type of alarm that will go off ten minutes before the end of the reading so you can start to wrap things up. By giving the client a 10-minute warning, that is enough time for him or to process that the reading is coming to an end and ask any additional questions if they have them.


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