What soulpreneurs can do when their vibrations are low

downIf you are a lightworker business owner or  a soulpreneur, you’re very likely working with energy or your passion is very much a part of what you do. So what happens when life gets you down and you can’t find your inner passion? Can your work suffer?

Unfortunately, it can. Say you just had a romantic break-up and you currently have the blues. Not only might you lose interest in your work but if you work one-on-one with clients, a bad mood or a low vibration can get in the way of your ability to be effective.

So what can you do to raise your vibration on a bad day?

Take some time off. One of the best things about going into business for ourselves is we have the ability to set our schedules. If you are drained you can be of no use to anyone. If life has you down, take a little time to gather your energy and recharge your battery.

Go for a Reiki session. As a lightworker, you know the value of energy healing. One mistake that many lightworkers make is to focus so much on helping others to heal that they don’t focus on their own healing needs.

Feng Shui your work space. Maybe you need a more long-term change. Sometimes we need to change the energy in our surroundings. Check out Feng Shui: A simple Feng Shui guide for beginners to use at home, the office, and at work for increased simplicity, productivity, happiness and wealth! for some tips.

Exercise. There’s a reason why so many successful people make sure exercise is a part of their day. Not only does it keep you in physical shape, but those endorphins that are released are among the best mood lifters around.

Nobody will be ‘on’ all the time. But as lightworkers, it’s important for us to protect our vibrations. Self-care is one of the most important gifts you can learn.

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