What lightworkers can learn from Beyoncé

beyonceOk, so I’m not one to really care about what celebrities do and think, but something interesting did happen this week when Beyoncé surprised the crap out of everyone and released her latest album unexpectedly. In the world of music, that’s a no-no, since everyone knows how important it is to promote the album before-hand.  Prospective customers have to be prepared, the press has to be given time to review the album in advance and the marketing machine has to get in gear to make sure the album is a success. That’s just the way things are done.

Not. At least not in this case. Despite the fact that things are supposed to go one way, Beyoncé decided to do things her way, and guess what happened? The press scrambled to download the album and get their review done on her terms. Fans went crazy on Twitter and every other social media platform because they weren’t anticipating the album. It was almost like Santa Claus himself popped down from the sky two weeks before Christmas. And Beyoncé proved that you can have your own vision and create your own business reality despite the fact that everyone else tells you it’s supposed to go a certain way.

For psychics, Reiki practitioners, energy healers and other lightworkers, this is a particularly important lesson because many of the rules of business don’t apply to us. Don’t just look for a psychic job or Reiki job by pounding the pavement because that’s what works with other professions. Think bigger and more creatively about how to attract new opportunities to you. Use visualization to manifest the clients you want. Create a business vision board — consider using Pinterest — to inspire you and keep you on track in 2014. Like Beyoncé, you’ll be ready to drop that meditation tape, that psychic e-book or that new Webinar in no time.

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