What is the average yoga instructor salary?

Wondering if you can quit your day job and make a living on a yoga instructor salary? The answer is yes. There has been and there continues to be growing interest in yoga, and a yoga instructor who is business savvy can take good advantage of that fact.  If you’re wondering what the average yoga instructor salary is, there is some research to provide you with answers. According to Indeed.com, the national average yoga instructor salary is $42,000 per year. That number varies, however, based on where you live. For example, the average salary for a yoga instructor in Washington, DC is $46,000 per year while the average salary for a yoga instructor in Austin, Texas is $35,000 per year.

itsokIf those numbers are discouraging to you, remember that this is an average figure. Some yoga instructors work part-time. Others teach yoga as a hobby. If you want to make more money than that as a yoga instructor, all you need to do is apply sound business principles, practice spiritual principles such as the Law of Attraction and KNOW that you can make more money as a yoga instructor.

Also, look at those who have gone before you. There are a number of resources that provide advice on starting and growing a successful yoga business. There’s no reason to figure things out on your own. Others who have traveled the path before you can provide insightful advice. In fact, it’s part of their purpose to provide you with the guidance to take your yoga business further, just as you may one day decide to write a book or teach a course to yoga instructors who come behind you.

One resource you might want to take advantage of, particularly if you have a real entrepreneurial spirit, is The Yoga Instructor Certification Program. It  not only helps you to achieve the dream of becoming a yoga instructor, but it provides insight into the business side of running a yoga studio. One of the most helpful features of the program is the fact that it shows you how to create a high traffic yoga Web site, which will serve as a tremendous marketing tool for any serious yoga business owner. With a Web site that has a lot of visitors, you can not only advertise your yoga classes, but you can sell products, such as books and CDs on yoga and you can supplement your income while reaching a much broader audience.

Yoga instructors aren’t limited to having clients in their hometown. The Internet literally puts millions of potential customers within reach, so understanding how to build a yoga Web site and how to attract visitors to that Web site can make all the difference in the world when it comes to making $40,000 a year as a yoga instructor or $100,000 as a yoga entrepreneur.

The research on yoga instructor salaries looks at old-school yoga instructors –those whose one source of income was teaching yoga classes a few times per week. In this digital age in which lightworkers and spiritual healers can sell their services and their insight via he Internet, the opportunities are much broader and more lucrative. Click here to sign up for The Yoga Instructor Certification Program.

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