What customers want: Why that’s not your top priority

what customers wantWhat do customers want? Take any marketing class and there will be a discussion of how to figure out what customers want and then how to give it to them. However, for lightworkers looking to build a heart-centered business, I say that you should flip that advice on its head. Instead of trying to bend your business into what customers want, your first priority should be creating a business from the heart and trusting that the right customers will find you.

Soulpreneurs are different from many other business owners. We are not driven by money. Unfortunately, the fact that we’re not ruled by money sometimes hurts us. (Here are some more articles on lightworkers and money.) We feel called to our businesses; we know that our businesses are a part of living our purpose. We have a vision that doesn’t come from our egos, but rather from the Universe itself. So, if the Universe is the source of our business idea, that must be the most important source of guidance about how to see that idea through.

That’s not to say that customers don’t have a place in helping you make business decisions. A customer or potential customer can give you an idea for your business that resonates with you and it could turn out to be one of the best decisions your business has made. However, here is how you can make sure that what customers want is what is in alignment with where your business is meant to go.

Weighing what customers want

Sometimes customers will say they are interested in a particular product or service. Other times, you’ll read articles or hear others talking about what customers want and how your business must do xyz in order to stay relevant and appeal to a growing audience.

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The first thing lightworkers should do is check in with their initial physical and emotional response to that advice. Does it excite you? Does it fill you with dread? Your intuition is always ready to guide you and help you to determine what your higher self knows is your soul’s true desire.

Next, check for fear. If you’re thinking about implementing these changes, ask yourself why you want to add this product or service. Are you doing it because you think it’s a great service and you want to offer it? Or are you doing it because you are afraid you won’t attract enough customers if you don’t? See the difference? Another way that fear may show up is if you want to offer the new product or service but you are afraid to do it. Maybe you are afraid that you won’t do a good job with it. If fear is stopping you from doing something you want to do, you’re not on the path of expansion. Decisions made in fear are destined to fail.

If you’re still not sure, take it into meditation. Sometimes it’s difficult to separate what you really want to do from outside noise and chatter. Meditation helps you cut to the chase. Once you’re calm and centered, bring the new products and services to mind and then see how you feel.

The bottom line is that your customers can be an asset and it is important to know how they feel. They may also give you great inspiration about new products and services to offer. But their desires should not supersede your own. As a lightworker, you are being driven by your heart. Trust that your heart knows best.


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