What clients are you attracting?

Lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs understand that nothing in life happens by chance. We attract what we need to attract at a given time. Typically we attract people and experiences that mirror our own inner beliefs, which provides an excellent opportunity for us to heal our own lives.

It’s no surprise then that the clients you attract will have a message for you just like you have a message for them. It’s not uncommon to hear spiritual entrepreneurs talk about how they constantly attract a certain type of client. Perhaps, they attract clients dealing with grief. Or maybe they attract clients who have the same pattern in relationships.

Recognizing that you are attracting similar clients is a pattern in and of itself. In many cases, you may be attracting clients that mirror something that you need to heal within yourself.

Just because you do spiritual work for a living does not mean that you have all of the answers. We are all continuing to evolve as we face our day to day challenges. You may know something in your mind and be able to teach it well to your clients. Yet that same lesson may not have totally reached your heart to the point that you are actually living it.

In this case, attracting clients who have a problem that you share can give you a wonderful opportunity to look more deeply at your own challenge as you work with your clients.

In other cases, your clients may be showing you a belief that you might want to change. For example, if you constantly attract clients who can’t afford to pay you or who aren’t willing to pay you what you want, you may have a deep-rooted belief that your services aren’t worth much. In this case, it’s important that you do the inner work to change that belief. Use affirmations to place your attention on what you want. Also, ask yourself why you feel that your services aren’t worth much and find instances of proof to the contrary. Just look at other lightworkers who have flourishing businesses and have proven that people are willing to pay for healing.

It is easy to get bogged down in our day to day lives to the point that we think we don’t have time to stop and think about who our clients are and what they are trying to tell us. But by doing so, we gain new insights that can help us to grow on our own healing journeys.

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