Ways to reward your best clients

While some business owners are always looking for the next best client, your current roster of clients is actually your greatest asset. It’s easier to get satisfied clients to make another purchase than it is for healers to convince a new client to try their products or services. Current clients can also be your greatest advocates, cheering you on and spreading the word to others about how great you are.

As your business grows, you’ll likely find that some clients stand out more than others. These clients will be super loyal to you and may buy services from you many times a year. They will likely buy multiple types of services from you, as well. For example, they might come to you for a psychic reading and then sign up for your class on past life regression. They also will likely send new customers your way in the form of their family members and friends.

When you have clients such as these, it is important to thank them. Remember, gratitude is the fastest way to increase what is good in your life. Showing gratitude for the wonderful clients you have will translate into even more wonderful clients. (Don’t believe it?  Try it and let us know your results!)

But don’t just stop with thanking your clients.  You can also offer your best clients more tangible rewards to share the wealth and further the exchange of positive energy among you.

Offer exclusive promotions for loyal customers. Let customers know that there is a perk to giving you repeat business. If a client agrees to book multiple services at once, offer a discount. You might also create a membership program in which loyal customers get occasional discounts on services.

Reward referrals. When your clients are gracious enough to recommend your services to another, let them know that you appreciate it by giving them a discount on a future service. Word-of-mouth marketing is the best form of marketing there is.

Send random rewards. This is one of the reasons why you definitely want to have your clients’ email addresses. Send a periodic thank you in the form of a discount or possibly first dibs to sign up for a class that fills up quickly. When you surprise your best clients with a little goodwill, not only do you strengthen the relationship between you and your clients, but you just might make their day in the process.


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