Ways to market your Reiki healing courses

reiki certificationA natural way to expand your Reiki healing business is to offer Reiki healing courses and trainings. Not only can you provide Reiki certification classes to those who desire a healing touch, but you can teach others how to do Reiki on themselves and on others. When you’re making the transition from healer to teacher, you have to find a way to get the word out about your new service offerings. You want to be known as the person in your neighborhood that people want to get their Reiki certification from.

So how do you let people know that you are expanding your service offerings? Here’s how to let others know that you’re spreading your wings.

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—Alert current clients. One of the best places to look for people to take your Reiki healing courses and come to you for Reiki certification is at your current client base. Your clients already know how valuable Reiki is, and they already trust you. They will be the easiest people to convince that your Reiki healing courses are worth a try. Send current clients an email alerting them to the courses you’re offering and perhaps offer current clients a discount to try them.

Pass out fliers in hospitals. More and more hospitals are offering Reiki as a service to their patients. And the people who are going to take Reiki healing courses are people who have experienced the benefits of Reiki. Many people enter hospitals each day. Some hospitals have bulletin boards or other places for community information. It’s likely that people with an affinity for healing will be most interested in taking your Reiki healing courses.

—Offer a workshop at a metaphysical shop. One of the best ways to expose people to your healing services is to take the information to where they are. Your target audience hangs out in metaphysical shops, New Age establishments and yoga studios. Any of these that offer holistic workshops provides a good place for you to tell people about your Reiki training and healing courses and workshops. Let the workshop be free so you can attract as many people as possible. Let them know the benefits of learning to do Reiki themselves and offer a discount to those who sign up for your courses on the spot.

Use social media strategically. Find out where your potential clients hang out online and meet them there. Use Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools to communicate with people about healing and the benefits of embracing their own healing capabilities. Host a free Webinar about the benefits of Reiki and during the Webinar, offer the participants a discount on your Reiki healing courses if they sign up by a certain period of time.

—Give others an incentive to promote your courses. Word of mouth is one of the most effective types of advertisement. Encourage your healing clients to spread the word by offering them a discount on a future service if they refer a customer that takes your healing courses. Such an arrangement is a win-win for everybody.

If you are a Reiki healer,you know the ins and outs of what you do, but may be unsure of the best way to sell what you do. While all of these ideas may not be a fit  for you, you can pick and choose from those included and continue to put into practice those that work best.



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