Ways lightworkers can increase productivity

productivityLightworkers, is there a goal that you have been wanting to achieve that you just can’t seem to find time for? Maybe you want to write an e-book. Perhaps you have been thinking about starting an online newsletter. Or maybe it’s time for you to start your own Web site. If you have been talking about doing something and you are no further along now than you were weeks ago, it’s time for you to make a few adjustments to the way you work.

When you make your living by meeting with clients, it can be difficult to find time to do other things.  You won’t put your clients off when you run out of time, but it is easy to put off those things that don’t bring in any money today and those things that don’t have a deadline.

But the reality is that running a successful business means spending time doing things to grow your business that may not be billable today. In fact, if you are spending all of your time working on billable tasks, your business is stagnant, and that is not what you want.

If you are looking to make 2014 a more productive year, here are some tips for getting those tasks done that always fall through the cracks.

—Work in blocks. One way to be more productive is to work in blocks of time. Commit to spending a certain amount of time each day on every task that you need done. Don’t stop until that block of time is over. Then take a break before starting your next block.

—Every little bit counts. If you have been putting certain tasks off for months, don’t revamp your entire life and schedule five hours to work on it in one day. Persistence is the key to getting anything done. Commit to spending time each day on every task you want completed even if it is only five minutes. You will see progress each day and before you know it, you will have made it to the finish line.

—Know when to stop. In order to make time for everything, you can’t let certain tasks eat up all of your time. Prioritize so you know what is important and schedule time for all tasks that are at the top of that list. If you scheduled twenty minutes to work on something so you would have time for other things, honor that. When you ignore your own schedule and spend sixty minutes on a twenty minute task, something gets left by the wayside and certain tasks never get done.



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