Ways Lightwokers Can Connect with More Clients in 2015

One of the keys to running a successful lightworker business is connecting with your clients. While some entrepreneurs chase dollars or often will do or say anything to make a sale, spiritual entrepreneurs tend to feel like their businesses are a part of their purpose. We want to feel like we are making a difference, so that means we don’t want to come off like a sleazy used car salesman.

Connection is about emotion. It’s a byproduct of two-way communication. Both the healer and the client grows and gains something through the interaction. It’s about feeling like you’re making a difference and what you’re doing matters.

It’s important to not only forge connections with new clients, but it’s important to strengthen those connections we have with current ones. Here are some ways to take your connections with clients to the next level.

How lightworkers can build stronger connections

Create ongoing learning opportunities. Most of your clients likely have an interest in healing. Some would probably be interested in learning your healing modality. If you’re a psychic, offer you clients psychic development courses. If you’re an energy healer, offer to teach your clients Reiki. As your clients learn more from you, not only do they evolve, but the natural bond between the two of you will get stronger as well.

Talk to your clients more. How often do you communicate with your clients? Do you send out a newsletter or frequent email blasts to let your clients know what’s new? If so, that’s a great start, but here’s a tip to take it to the next level. Every so often, email your clients and invite them to respond to you either with requests for services or educational opportunities they’d be interested in seeing or simply to let you know how they are doing.

Cut back on your current client load. This one sounds counterintuitive, but think about it. When you’re so overrun with clients you become stretched too thin and it’s difficult to develop a true heart connection with any of your clients.

So how can you make more money with fewer clients? Consider raising your rates.

Another option is to come up with new products to bring in money such as downloadable courses online or meditation CDs. You can also host webinars or conduct classes so you can work with multiple clients at once.

The idea is to give yourself time to breathe and truly put your heart into your work. Your client relationships with benefit as a result.

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