Want to become a yoga instructor? Create your own yoga jobs

If you’re a yoga instructor looking to teach your own yoga classes, the natural thought is to open a yoga studio. But if you don’t yet have the money to open a yoga studio of your own, there are a number of places where you can offer yoga classes and begin to grow your business. Once you buy your yoga mat and other supplies, here are some places where you can set up shop with your own yoga classes.

Someone else’s yoga studio. You don’t have to own your own yoga studio to offer classes; you can work in someone else’s studio. While this could be an ideal situation for a new yoga instructor, it may be difficult to find a space in a yoga studio if many other yoga instructors are already teaching there. If a yoga studio is particularly competitive to get into, you may be able to get in if you’re willing to work hours that other yoga instructors don’t want to work, such as early in the morning. You can also find out about openings in yoga studios here.

Young Woman MeditatingYour day job. If you work for a corporation and do yoga in your spare time, you might be surprised to find that your company is open to you providing your service to other employees at lunchtime or after work. Many companies offer different fitness options for employees so not only would you be getting a place to offer your craft, but you will be building a client base that you can take with you when you’re ready to leave your day job altogether.

Your home. If you have a lot of space, you may be able to hold yoga classes in your home. You should only do this if you feel comfortable with having yoga students come to your house. If you don’t have room in your home but you know someone who has a large basement, see if you can rent their basement space for your classes.

A church. Churches often rent out space to local businesses so they can make money on space that they’re not using. You may be able to get a good deal on the space, and you may be able to attract members of the church to your classes at the same time. Most likely you wouldn’t be able to offer your classes on a Sunday, but you may be able to get access to the space on weeknights.

Senior centers. Looking to offer your services to senior citizens? Consider approaching senior centers to see if they’re willing to let you teach yoga in the facility. Not only would it give its residents some physical exercise and mental stimulation, but it would allow you to find a yoga space and a yoga class audience all in one place.

Community centers. Just as churches often rent out space when they’re not using it, so too do community centers. You may be able to get a good deal, or you may be able to use the space for free if you offer discounted yoga classes to members of the community.


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