Using ritual for light work

conceptIt’s not unusual for lightworkers to have a hard time turning their healing work on and off. You’re a natural healer, and chances are you’ve been doing light work for as long as you can remember even before you were getting paid for it.

But it’s important to create boundaries between your business and personal life. For one thing, it reinforces the fact that balance is key to a healthy existence. But it’s equally important to designate the importance of your light work by setting it aside from the rest of your day.

When you work with clients, that work is crucial to your purpose. You were put here to serve, and whenever a client is attracted to you, there is a serious responsibility placed upon you to bring clarity or healing to that person. In The Ethical Psychic: A Survival Guide for the Professional Psychic by Freya Rey, Rey describes the value in marking your work with clients as sacred time. She suggests that lightworkers use a ritual do this, writing:

By practicing a regular ritual before starting to read for someone, you remind yourself that it is a sacred time, that the client is offering you their trust and deserves your fullest effort, and that there is nothing else requiring your attention during this time but the needs of the client.

It doesn’t matter what the ritual is, and you can make the ritual up. The key is being consistent about beginning the ritual whenever you are going to be doing your work.

Here are some rituals you can try.

  • You can say a short prayer prior to working with clients. Whenever you say the prayer, it gets your spirit ready to do your work.
  • You can do a meditation prior to beginning your lightwork. That way you clear your mind of other conflicting thoughts and ideas.
  • You can light a special candle or burn incense. Impacting the ambiance of the room is a great way to set the mood for the work that you are about to begin.

You also might want to do something to mark the end of your sacred work each day. That way, you set the stage to be totally present for the other areas in your life that are equally important.

There are a number of books on rituals that can help you to create either simple or complex ceremonies to mark your work. Among them are:

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