Use Tarot for These 8 Business Decisions

Tarot cards aren’t just potentially lucrative for tarot card readers. They can also help business owners of all types make decisions about everything from which new products and services to unveil to how best to interact with potential clients. 

tarot business decisions

If you are not consciously tapping your intuition when making business decisions, you are not taking advantage of one of your biggest assets. 

Business legends such as Steve Jobs and Oprah often tout the importance of trusting your gut.

Many lightworkers won’t hesitate to turn to tarot cards when offering psychic services or looking for insight into their personal lives. But will you trust tarot cards to lead you to the right business decision?

Tarot can help you act quickly

Society brainwashes us to value logic and systems in business and avoid using intuition, feeling and impulse. Yet some of the best business decisions have come about because of an impulse that allowed an entrepreneur to quickly respond to an evolving need. 

Consider trying the following additions to your business practice:

  • Pick one tarot card each morning to give you insight into the biggest business challenge of the day ahead. As challenges crop up, refer to the day’s tarot card for guidance.
  • Have a monthly strategy session where you make plans for the month ahead. As part of that strategy session, choose three tarot cards to represent the most pressing issue of the month, advice for the month and the outcome of the month.
  • Sleep with the King of Pentacles under your pillow and set the intention to receive business guidance in your dreams. Write down what you remember of your dream in your dream journal for insight.

Here are some other instances when you might refer to your tarot deck for business:

When deciding between multiple products/services. Do a reading for each potential offering and see which reading has the most favorable outcome.

When looking for insight into challenges. Do a reading that sheds light on hidden and visible obstacles that you should look out for.

When wondering whether you can trust a potential new client. Do a reading asking about the qualities of the person you should know about.

When deciding on whether to hire a certain employee. As with the example above, do a reading asking about the potential hire and whether they would be an asset to your company.  

When looking for insight into challenges in the next six months. Do a Celtic Cross spread that looks at the past, present and future and provides advice, as well as a peek into the outcome if nothing changes. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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