Turning struggle into a gift

Your greatest struggle is your greatest gift.

Those are words I’ve heard in the past; and I’ve noticed that many people who excel in their careers are driven by something that has touched them personally. The psychiatrist who was driven to heal because of a mother’s mental fragility. The counselor who worked with children because she grew up lonely in a foster home. The woman who adopted a pair of sisters because she and her sister lost their only parent during their childhood.

A friend of mine was a lightworker in her own right. Natasha Munson, author of such books as Love Lessons for My Sisters: How to Find and Keep all the Love You Deserve, and Life Lessons for My Sisters: How to Make Wise Choices and Live a Life You Love, made a career out of sharing wisdom and uplifting others.

However, in late 2009, Natasha was diagnosed with Lupus. She struggled with it, but rather than let it get her down, she committed herself to teaching others how to live with lupus and get their lives back.

She was working on perhaps her greatest work, a book about dealing with the disease, and helping others to maneuver the fears and challenges that often accompany illness. In an interview, she spoke about how her life did a 360 when she was diagnosed, but rather than be defeated, she incorporated it into her motivational work.

Natasha lost her battle with lupus today. But the lessons from her life as a lightworker will live on and continue to provide healing and comfort to others for eternity.



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