Tips for marketing your yoga business

If you’re a yoga instructor or have your own yoga studio, you know the key to success is having enough customers to take advantage of your classes. Sure, clients don’t fall out of the sky, but there are a number of steps you can take to let people know about your service and entice them to give you a try.

Put up flyers. Perhaps the most obvious way to market your yoga business is to simply pass out flyers about it, but you must be strategic about where you place your flyers and who you give them to. You want to focus on people who frequent other holistic and metaphysical businesses. For example, health stores, metaphysical centers and fitness clubs may be good places to leave information about your services. Rather than try to convince someone to give yoga a try, go after people who are already likely to know about the benefits of your service. Also, put up flyers wherever you buy your yoga supplies.

Pass out brochures. Just as flyers can let people know about your business, brochures can spell out the benefits of what you provide. In your brochure try to call out ways that your yoga business is different from all of the other yoga businesses out there. Also, pass the brochures out in areas frequented by other holistic individuals. Again, it’s easier to sell your service to someone who already understands the benefit.

Don’t discount word-of-mouth. Go to places like hair salons where people share information about services they’ve frequented. Give hair stylists and other small business owners who service many consumers access to a free class. If they like it, they may tell some of their clients about it, which could steer more work your way.

Offer a free class. Let select members of the community access your service for free so they can see how it benefits them. Again, be strategic about this, providing free yoga to people who have an influence in the community. In doing so, you’re spreading awareness of  your service and planting the seeds for the knowledge to spread.

Join yoga meet-ups.  The Internet makes it easy to meet people who share certain interests. Meet-ups are groups of people who meet because the members have something in common. Join meet-ups of yoga-loving people and by spending time with them, you gain access to a new group of people who may frequent your business.

Use promotions wisely.  You current yoga students are your biggest advocates. There are a number of things you can can do motivate your students to spread the word about your services. Give current students a discount when they recommend new class members. Also keep your customers for the long haul by rewarding loyalty. Give customers discounts when they’ve been clients for an extended period of time, such as a year or five years. Let them know about online sales of yoga products at yoga supply sites such as Keeping clients happy is key to yoga business growth. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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