How your throat chakra costs your lightworker business money

A blocked throat chakra costs lightworker businesses moneyRecently we talked about the throat chakra and how it can hinder lightworkers in business. But I’d specifically like to focus on the throat chakra and the fear of asking for money.

One of the biggest challenges that many lightworkers (and business owners in general) face is a fear of asking for money. If you’ve ever hesitated about asking for a raise or stuttered at a job interview when asked how much you want to make, you likely understand the feelings of uncertainty that can arise around that topic. A blocked throat chakra can make it much more difficult to overcome that money obstacle.

There are a couple of fears that could be at play when it comes to money. There are fears about money in general that typically stem from childhood and the way you were taught to view money. Then there are fears about speaking about money and asking for what you are worth, which is a throat chakra issue.

A blocked throat chakra in some ways ties into your sense of self worth. If you don’t feel that your opinions matter or your truth matters, then why should your work matter?

A blocked throat chakra can cause you to run from confrontation, so if you think clients won’t want to hear that you are raising your prices, you might avoid doing so in order to avoid the conversation. Likewise, if a client is late paying a bill, you might procrastinate asking for your money or, even worse, let it go forsaking payment simply because you don’t want to risk an unpleasant interaction.

A blocked throat chakra can cause you to betray your own truth in order to make someone feel better. In a sense, you’re forsaking your own truth in order to honor their truth. So that would put you on the losing side of any type of negotiation. Say you’re planning a joint event with another lightworker who has a more balanced throat chakra. That lightworker would likely be able to effectively express the terms they want or how much they’d like to make from the event. You might cater to their wishes rather than negotiate for terms that are more favorable to you.

Simply put, a blocked throat chakra can compound the current money challenges your business has and it can create new ones. In coming days, we’ll discuss how to overcome those challenges and bring balance to the throat chakra to boost your business’s bottom line. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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