Why spiritual healers should fire some clients

As a freelance writer, I used to jump at any assignment offered. The word ‘no’  was not in my vocabulary because I was afraid that if I turned down an assignment, clients would never offer me other assignments and I’d never find new clients and I’d eventually go broke and starve. Obviously that chain of thought is illogical (not to mention a run-on sentence), but it prevailed for years, and I’d often find myself either worn down from having taken on too much work or bored out of my mind because the work I took on was not in alignment with my purpose and my passion.

Sound familiar? When you first start working for yourself, it’s easy for fear-based thinking to take root. It’s easy to think ‘I need to be grateful for any client that I can get’ and you may fill your days with work that’s not only unfulfilling, but that takes you away from the work you would rather be doing. Such thinking also perpetrates ‘lack,’ which lightworkers know only attracts more ‘lack.’  An entrepreneur who understands and believes that another wonderful client is always around the corner will find that reality reflected as well.

Eventually I got so bogged down with assignments that I didn’t want that I began to hate my business because it wasn’t bringing me the joy I had hoped for. But it wasn’t the business that was falling short of expectations. It was my handling of it and my inability at the time to turn down clients that were, in fact, sucking the energy out of my business.

How do you know a client isn’t the right fit?

—You compromise too much to accommodate the client. This could mean you charge too little for your services, the work takes up too much of your time, or the quality of your work somehow deceases when you work for this client. 

—The work is not in the area that you want to focus on. While you may have to take on some jobs that aren’t ideal, if the majority of your work fits that description, you’re not making room for the more-fulfilling work in your life.

—You become filled with a sense of dread when working with this client. Maybe the client doesn’t respect your time or your talent, or maybe she is what I call a ‘pain-in-the-ass client.’ Perhaps you don’t know why you feel uncomfortable but you just do. This is your intuition screaming to you. Listen to it. Every. Time.

The first time I said ‘no’ to a potential client, it felt uncomfortable and in my mind I kept trying to rationalize why I did it. But later that day, another client contacted me with a better fit, and I realized that one of the beauties of working for myself was that I didn’t have to work for someone who wasn’t in alignment with me. As lightworkers and spiritual business owners, we have options. We empower ourselves and our businesses when we exercise them.


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  1. I’ve been through this more than enough times. I’ve learned that every client i’ve dealt with in the past was worth letting go of. Once i realized that, i started getting more clients who were a better fit for my business agenda.

  2. Firing some clients and even dissolving business partnerships were beneficial for me just over a year and a half ago. I was working with an enterntainment company and to make a long story short, I was begining to hate what i was doing as a DJ. Things never felt right from day one but i had a goal at that time and had to go through it because, as hard it is to admit, i created the situation that put me there. But while it may be a learning lesson, i had to experience that contrast of what i didn’t want in order to know what i do want for my business. I’ve been in scenarios when physical threats were made against me and the like. Needless to say, i have no intention of going to jail for anyone over a few dollars. So a few months later, i ended that business partnership and created more scenarios that was a better fit for me and my business agenda by simply saying “No” to situations that simply didn’t feel right to me.

  3. Thanks for sharing Floyd. Doesn’t it feel great when something new comes along after you made space by saying ‘no’? Friday I was offered a project that I really didn’t feel good about. My gut was telling me no, even though I could have used the money. I said ‘no,’ because the client was one that I have had problems with in the past. Today, I was offered a project that paid the same amount of money and would require less of a headache. And the only reason I have time to do this project is because I said ‘no’ to the one that wasn’t a fit. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • That is great to hear…listening to my gut instincts saved me a lot of nonsense that i didn’t want to deal with. Some people may have their feelings hurt iniitially but in the truth, they will understand and hopefully adjust their ways to better accomodate you in the future.


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