The Manifesting Power of Laser Focus

It’s not unusual for lightworkers to start their businesses on the side, splitting their time and focus between their old ways of making a living and the way they would like to make a living. It even makes sense to hold onto tried and true ways of earning money to build assets that can be used to aid in the new endeavor.

But there comes a time when you’ve got to make a choice. Are you going to continue to split your time and energy or are you going to focus on the lightworker business that you’re in the process of building?

How do you know when it’s time to let go of the old and commit to the new?

  • First of all, you’ll start to see that the old business is costing you money. The time you’re spending on it is taking away from current business that you can have or it’s taking away from your ability to substantially grow.  For example, you may have to miss out on having a table at a holistic fair because you have to work your other job.
  • Another sign that it’s time is when you have conflicting intentions. You can hold onto another method of making money as long as you want as long as you prioritize it behind your lightworker business. If you are trying to prioritize both, you’re going to find yourself literally splitting yourself in two, which will cut off the energy supply for either of the endeavors. In other words, you have to make a choice.
  • A third sign is when you feel burned out. Burnout is a sign that you’re doing too much and your physical body is unable to keep up with the pace you’ve set. In other words, something has got to give. Even if you’re not ready to work your lightworker business full-time, consider at this point trading a full-time day job for a part-time job, or look for ways to join forces with other lightworkers to possibly cover more ground together.

What you focus on grows. When your holistic business becomes the beneficiary of increased attention, not only will you enjoy more success, but you’ll feel more aligned with your soul’s purpose. Money is sure to follow. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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