Sponsored Post: Getting The Right Message Across to Your Customers

Any lightworker who showcases his or her services at holistic fairs and other expos needs to have the right banners and display materials. In this sponsored post by The Display Outlet, learn what goes into a good display.

An effective banner stand can certainly help to get the message across for your personal business, but the important trick is to make sure that the banner is saying exactly what you want it to say – if you see a few things I mean.


A well designed banner may be one of the most effective and expense effective pieces of marketing material you can spend money on. A badly designed banner just won’t have the same effect and may well be a great big waste of space.

So, how do you ensure that you make the most of your banner stand?

  • Less is more – in many things including the style of your banner. People will not stop at the trade show to read your banner. You have something like a 3 second window to grab their attention (that’s how long passersby will generally spend looking at a banner). Use few words, use bullet points or similar and ensure that the message is sharp, short and clear. Keep things simple and easy. Don’t waffle.


  • The most important information on your banner has to be at the top – generally speaking this could be on the eye level of most customers. This can be your logo, it might be your brand, it might be your company name or the specific product that you simply are pushing at the trade event.
  • Be sure that your tagline or strapline leaves the customer wanting more information. You’ve got to entice them into stopping in your booth to find out more about your product, company or service. Once you’ve got their attention at the booth you can hand out leaflets or brochures which have more detailed information.
  • Try to use a color which really stands out but is in keeping with your entire company livery. The entire banner can be a visual aid to help your customers to keep in mind your logo and should tie in with the rest of your marketing materials. Remember too that background text and colors have to contrast for quick, clear reading.
  • Images are good just so long as they are simple, appealing and good quality. It’s no use taking something out of your website and attempting to reproduce it on your banner because the quality will be poor which will give you a bad image for your company.
  • If you wish to include your contact information on your banner stand you are able to, but this really is not necessary. People will not stand at your banner to publish down your telephone number or website address, this information must be included with other marketing materials – leaflets or business cards. If you feel the need to include them put them at the bottom . . . in small print. The job of the banner stand is to attract their attention then it’s over to you!
  • Banners can be used over and over again so do be wary of printing any information that will soon be outdated. Prices are a great example of this . . . banner stands can be used for years with no need to be replaced unless the information becomes obsolete.
  • Don’t mix up your fonts too much. If required, one for the heading and another for that text but any more along with your banner will begin to appear unprofessional and messy. A nice, clear font that is easy to read is the most important, two fonts may be used.


The Display Outlet has got a great range of stands, banners and other accessories designed to helping your trade event booth stand above the crowd.

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