Signs you’re ready to start your healing business

feelgoodAre you wondering if it’s time for you to step out on faith and launch that healing business you’ve been thinking about starting? Sometimes the time isn’t right, particularly if you aren’t clear about what you want to do or you have financial difficulties or other pressing matters going on in your life. However, sometimes we wait around for the ‘right’ moment thinking that the stars are going to align and everything is going to be perfect when it’s time to start our business. That’s not typically what happens either. (Sort of like waiting for the ideal time to have a child. Most parents will tell you, there is no ideal time, but when it happens you just make it work.) If you’ve been laboring at your day job and wondering if now is a good time to dip your toe in the waters of self-employment, here are some signs that it’s probably time to take that lightworker business idea to the next level:

You already have clients. If people are already coming to you asking for psychic readings, massages or whatever service you provide, you’ve already established that your services are in demand. You don’t have to wonder if your business idea is a viable one. You simply must put it into action.

You know as much as or  more than your teachers. Sometimes we underestimate our knowledge and continue to play small when we can be embracing larger things. For example you’ve been taking psychic development classes for so long that your teacher asks you to teach the class one day. It’s great to keep soaking up knowledge, but at a point we must start to share what we learn with those who know less than us.

You need extra money. Noone says you have to quit your day job to start your lightworker business. In fact, it’s smart to start slowly and grow the business on the side until it’s able to sustain itself. Starting your lightworker business on the side also gives you the opportunity to make extra money, which can help you to get out of debt, save for something you want or even grow the lightworker business faster.

Your day job is making you sick. Literally. Sometimes when we stay in a situation that we hate, we literally hurt ourselves by allowing our energy to be drained by the experience. If your job is making you physically and emotionally drained, we need to infuse our lives with something that is uplifting. Your passion — that lightworker business you’ve been dreaming of — can be the perfect solution. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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