Signs your coaching business needs a boost

coachingMany people have realized the benefits of having a coach who can help them through challenges in their life whether they are work-related, of a romantic nature or even spiritually-minded. If you’ve heeded your calling and become a coach, you’ve taken a great step toward professional success. However, that doesn’t mean  adjustments couldn’t stand to be made.

Here are some signs that your coaching business can use a few tweaks.

Your only clients are friends. There’s nothing wrong with starting with your inner circle when you launch a business. However, it’s important to develop a marketing plan that can grow and attract more than just the people who love you. By focusing only on friends, you’re also not getting true insight into what would be most attractive to customers since your friends could be supporting you out not love or a sense of obligation rather than because they are truly interested in your business.

Every time you get a new client, you start from scratch. While every coaching relationship will be different, your process for dealing with every new client doesn’t have to change. For example, you might have a standard questionnaire that you use during an introductory meeting to help you get to know your clients. Or you might have a system that automates scheduling so you don’t have to take time to organize your calendar. As you build your business you should be putting systems in place so you can spend more time on the tasks that are most important such as working with clients.

Everything you do requires face-time. Coaching can take place in many ways. It can take place face to face, via phone, via Skype or even webcast. There can be different elements to your coaching process. For example, you might meet with someone face to face and have follow up interaction via email. Or you might host a group webinar in which you give clients extra coaching in a group setting. By taking advantage of technology and finding new ways to provide value, you can grow your business by working smarter rather than harder.

Every coaching business can become more efficient. Always look for ways to learn and improve your processes by learning from other coaches who have had success.

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