Signs your business is out of alignment

out of alignmentYou know this instinctively. When you are acting in alignment with your soul, nothing can stop you. If you can pursue your business with passion rather than fear and stay connected to your inner guidance and your heart, there is no way you can go wrong.

But keeping your business in alignment with your soul can be more challenging than you think. In fact, it’s very easy to veer off-course and end up doing what most people do: working solely to make a living and living for those times in which you can steal away from your work. You may even have been lulled into believing that myth that you’re not supposed to enjoy work — or else it wouldn’t be called ‘work.’ This happens when you start focusing on the outer business world rather than your inner one.

However, once you focus on your inner world and get back to the business of running your business from the heart, you can get back to where you know you need to be.

But how do you know your business is out of alignment with your soul? See if any of these signs sound familiar.

You don’t have time to do what you most want to do.  When you’re living in alignment with your soul, you are driven by passion. You do things because you ‘want to,’ not because you ‘have to’ or because you ‘should.’ What made you decide you wanted to go into business in the first place? It was because you wanted to ‘do something,’ right? That desire should never go away.

You feel drained and fatigued when working on your business. We all get tired and can all go through periods of burnout. But when you’re tired, fatigued and burned out more often than not, you’re not doing the job that your spirit wants you to do. When you are in alignment, you feel energized more than you feel fatigued.

You struggle with what to do next. Yes, we all have moments in which we wonder what’s next, but if you’re constantly floundering around trying to figure out what to do next, you are not in alignment with your soul. However, the act of floundering and trying to figure out what to do next can be the very step you need to take to get back in alignment.

You are more focused on systems and processes than serving. Systems and processes can make business easier, BUT they can also suck the heart out of your business if you focus on using them to robotize your business. Sure, some things can be automated, but most of your work should not be done on autopilot. You must find a way to put your heart into what you are doing. Your heart is what makes your lightworker business unique.

You’re trying to keep up with the latest trends. You might identify a trend that you like and that makes sense to your business, but if you’re doing things simply because they are faddish or other business owners are doing them you’re on the way to creating a business that is like all other businesses. Once that happens, you’ve lost what makes your business stand out from the crowd.

You forgot why you went into business in the first place. Think about the need you hoped to fill with your business. If you have a lightworker business — one that is rooted in your spirit — there has to be a purpose. Answer the following question: ‘Why do you do what you do?’ If you can’t answer, your business is out of alignment.

Your biggest motivator is money. This is where lightworkers are different from other business owners. We need more from a fulfilling career than simply money. We need a sense of purpose. If a paycheck or standard of living is the main thing that’s keeping you going, your business is out of alignment. Likewise, if you are making business decisions for financial reasons alone, your business is out of alignment.

You feel no sense of purpose around your work. See the reason above. And no, money is not a purpose.

If you know your business is out of alignment with your soul, the next logical question is what do you do next. Next week, we’ll discuss how to get back on track.


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