Signs you are meant to be a healer

Many people stress themselves out trying to figure out their purpose. But often the Universe provides signs about what we’ve been put on the Earth to do through our thoughts, feelings and desires. Healers, in particular, often have experiences that move them toward a life of helping others reach a state of wholeness in their lives. Here are some of the signs a healing career may be for you.

You’ve struggled with your own wounds throughout your life. The best healers are those who have already healed themselves. Often people struggle with something throughout their lives for the purpose of learning how to overcome it and help others. If you can’t understand why something you consider to be bad has happened to you, ask yourself how you can help someone who is going through something similar.

People often unload their problems on you. Often our loved ones recognize our gifts before we recognize them ourselves. If others tend to share their problems with you or say they feel better when you’re around, consider that a sign that you’re already giving off healing energy.

You’re interested in spirituality, self-help and empowerment. If you read self-help books, enjoy self-development workshops or have a desire to strengthen your psychic ability, your soul may be pushing you to embrace a healing lifestyle.

You want to make a difference. Healers have a yearning to help others. They feel good when they can make someone feel good. (Sometimes they even help others to the detriment of themselves.) Channel that desire in a positive way by considering a healing career.

You know when others are in pain. Healers are often empaths who have a knack for knowing when others are hurting. If you can sense when others are in need even when they wear a smile on their face and say otherwise, you have a healing spirit about you. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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