Signs that fear is sabotaging your lightworker business

sabotage your businessNone of us are strangers to fear. If you are running a business it’s natural to have fears as you grow and evolve. But can fear sabotage your business? The answer is yes.

A lightworker I know shared recently that she wanted to start an online course. When I asked her why she didn’t, she said she didn’t understand the technology involved. I suggested that she take a course to teach her the technology and she said she did that, and what was really holding her back was the fact that she felt she needed to do the course via video and she was afraid she wouldn’t come across as knowledgeable on video. In other words, fear of a new process was keeping her from the natural progression of her business.

Fear isn’t always immediately evident. Sometimes, like with my friend, it takes a few probing questions to realize that your procrastination is really your way of letting fear run your life and sabotage your business. Here are some other common fears that could be keeping lightworkers from the success they deserve.

You keep telling yourself ‘you’re not ready.’ Whether you think you don’t know enough, you don’t have the right customers or you don’t have enough money, if you’re constantly telling yourself that the time for something is in some undefined point in the future, you could be giving in to fears that you’re somehow not good enough to do what you want to do. Keep it up and you’ll sabotage your business. Sure, there are times when we need to do things according to plan, and maybe you should wait a little bit longer to introduce a product or service or process into your business. However, set a clear date for when you will do it, or at least when you will revisit it. Actually put that date on your calendar and follow through.

You use ‘education’ as a crutch. I’m all for continuing education and I believe that all lightworkers should always be taking new courses, learning new things and expanding their knowledge base. But if you are holding off on starting a business or expanding your business while you wait to learn more, you’re giving into fear in the worst way. There is always someone who can learn from you today. Continue to take your classes and keep learning. However, build your business by sharing and doing what you know now, and as your knowledge expands, your business can too.

You are hesitant to talk about your holistic services. I run into a lot of people who say that they only bring up their Reiki business or their Tarot Card reading business around people who they know are interested in metaphysical concepts. If you ask them why, they’ll say they are worried about how others will perceive them.

Those fears aren’t altogether unfounded. After all, society is largely focused on logic and outward measures of success while lightworkers focus on intuition and inner processes.  When you think about it, lightworkers have been ostracized throughout history. Many have even been killed for their beliefs.

When you’re called to live your purpose, there’s no time for hiding yourself. You could be missing out on all kinds of new customers by staying silent. Perhaps the person you’re talking to really does have an interest in the service you provide, or they may have a friend who is.  You may even expose someone to a concept that they never knew about or understood and that exposure could change their life for the better. As a lightworker, you are called to bring knowledge and wisdom to a world that isn’t always open and receptive to what you have to say. When you are afraid to acknowledge your gifts, you sabotage your business.

An exercise you can do to make it easier is to pledge to tell one person each week about your lightworker business. This person can’t be someone who has a clear interest in metaphysics. It has to be a person who you don’t think would be interested.

The more you speak up, the easier it becomes and the more you’ll realize that there was nothing to be afraid of in the first place.

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