Signs of a Needy Client

If you are a lightworker business owner, you’ve probably experienced the ‘needy client.’ There’s a difference between a good client and a needy client. A good client is one that comes back because they appreciate your services. A needy client is one who comes back because they want you to tell them how to live their life. A good client leaves you feeling empowered and confident in the service that your business provides. A needy client leaves you feeling emotionally drained and wondering if running your business is even worth it.

Still not sure if you have a needy client? Here are some signs.

A needy client asks you the same questions over and over again. Even though you’ve provided answers, the needy client isn’t really interested in what you have to say. Instead, they want you to say what they want to hear.

A needy client asks you inppropriate questions. A psychic I know had a client who constantly asked when a particular friend would die. The psychic did not  pick up any information on that topic, and didn’t feel comfortable discussing it. She told the client that was a question she had no answer for, yet the client continued to ask it anyway until the psychic fired that client.

A needy client doesn’t grow. Lightworkers want our clients to grow and evolve. After all, we’re in the business of healing. Yet everyone doesn’t want to grow. Some people are happy staying exactly where they are. You’ve met those people. They don’t make good clients.

A needy client wants you to make their decisions. There’s a difference between seeking advice about a particular situation and asking someone which path to take at every crossroad in their lives. There’s a point in which one must learn and make decisions and grow — or fall — on their own. A client who is not willing to do that is instead looking for you to take the responsibility of their lives from them. You can’t do that. It doesn’t help them, and it doesn’t help you.

A needy client needs your approval. Some clients come to you and ask you how they should live their lives because they want you to approve or give your permission. Again, this is someone who is not looking for guidance and help in their growth. They are looking for someone who can take responsibility for their actions. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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