Signs it’s time to update your business vision board

visionboardSoulpreneurs understand the value of having a vision for their business. One way to build that vision is to create a vision board, which highlights all of the things that you want your business to accomplish. You might have images on your vision board of money to represent the prosperity that your business experiences. You might have images of happy people to represent your clients’ satisfaction with your work. You might have images of a particular type of product or service to represent an area that you want your lightworker business to move into.

Over time you will find that your desires for your business will change. In some cases, you’ll achieve a goal and then come up with a new one. In other cases, your interests will change and something that you wanted in the past, you’ll find that you no longer want.

Since your business will change over time, it’s a good idea to let your business vision board change over time. If you have a business vision board, that’s great! But here are some signs that it’s time to update it.

You’ve achieved most of the the goals that are on it. If you look at your vision board and see that most of your goals have been reached, that’s fantastic. But your business should not stay static. In life we are always growing and evolving so if your goals haven’t changed over the years, maybe it’s time to do something to get you excited about your business again.

You no longer want to do many of the things that are on it. One of the best things about life is that we always have the right to change our minds. And we may decide that we want our business to go in a different direction than we once thought. That’s perfectly fine and healthy. Just update your vision board in the process.

It’s not visually appealing to you. A vision board is supposed to appeal to your senses. It’s supposed to catch your eye and make you feel good. It’s supposed to lift your energy when you look at it. If your vision board doesn’t do anything to inspire you, it’s time to re-do it, using images and words that are more in alignment to your soul.

You look at the vision board and don’t think the goals are possible. A vision board isn’t going to work if you don’t believe it helps. Even if you don’t understand how your goals will come to fruition (and that’s ok) you’ve got to be open to the idea or why even take the time to create it?

Vision boards can help you to think through your desires and imagine them so that you can bring them into reality. Make sure your vision board reflects today’s desires and dreams. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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