Should you buy a used massage table?

Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table

One of the most important pieces of equipment that Reiki and massage professionals need is a massage table. But when you’re first starting out as a soulpreneur, money may be tight. As a result, you may not be able to spend a lot in the beginning. Should you look for ways to cut costs when it comes to choosing a massage table?

First of all, it’s important to think of the experience that your clients will have when they are receiving your services. You want them to be comfortable. Massage tables have foam that can vary in terms of thickness. Generally speaking, the thicker the foam, the more comfortable the table will be. In many cases, tables with thicker foam are more expensive than those with a thinner foam.  If you’re going to cut costs, you really don’t want to compromise on your clients’ comfort.

But one way that you can get top-notch equipment while saving money is by considering used equipment. You might be able to afford a top-of-the-line used massage table even if you can’t afford a premium new table. Sometimes other Reiki and massage professionals get out of the business and want to sell their equipment. In other cases, business owners simply want to upgrade their equipment and they’re eager to sell their old massage tables.

To find used equipment, talk to other Reiki and massage professionals and ask if they know someone who is looking to sell their tables. You might also check web sites such as CraigsList, where people advertise items they are looking to sell. Outlet stores that sell massage tables might be another option for finding a less expensive piece of equipment.

There is a caveat. If you do a lot of energy work, you may be hesitant to purchase a used table. Some people believe that the energy of the former owner is infused in the table, which could affect their work. If that’s something that you feel strongly about, you should honor your intuitive feelings.

New massage tables come in a wide range of prices. Don’t assume that you can’t afford a good new table. Set the intention that you will attract the right table for your business and be open to how it comes. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


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