Customers spiritual healers should avoid

As a lightworker, have you ever run across someone who doesn’t believe in the power of your modality? A professional psychic that I know shared the following story:

“I had a client come see me. I’m really not sure why she came because she clearly didn’t believe psychic ability was real, and she was determined to prove that I was a fraud. Why she’d pay $50 to do so is beyond me, but her energy was downright hostile.”

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, there are people who have nothing better to do than to try to push their beliefs on others, and if they believe that a lightworker business is a fake, they’ll stop at nothing to prove it.

So what would you do in this scenario? You have a few choices.

(A) You can go on with the reading or the service, ignore the intentions of the client, and pocket your money.

(B) You can attempt to educate the client and challenge her beliefs with your truth.

(C) You can give the client back her money and allow the Universe to bring a better-suited client your way.

The professional psychic chose “C.”

“I politely told the client that I didn’t think we were a fit and I gave her her money back and told her I wished her well in finding the answers that she sought. Ironically, that seemed to convince her that I wasn’t a fraud since a fraud would have taken the money.  She even asked if I might reconsider and her whole demeanor was different. I didn’t change my mind though. And I felt very empowered that I had taken control of the client experiences I chose to engage in.”

As a spiritual healer or professional lightworker, have pride in your gifts and expect people to respect them. If they don’t, distance yourself, focus on the types of clients that align with your work and expect that those clients you desire will be attracted to you. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on these sites or click on some of the links that are posted on these sites.


  1. I have ran into skeptical customers before and quite frankly there are times i have to take it as a learning experience. I remember one in particular that when I had to play at an event for this person, it was one of those times when this person wanted me to play music directly off of her playlist. The music was fine but it was for the wrong crowd. I tried to roll with it but my gut feeling was telling me, “this playlist isn’t going to work”. So when i decided to take control of the situation, everything worked out and the crowd was satisfied. Needless to say, one their employees gave me a nice large tip in addition to the what i charged them. Some clients feel the need to control everything which makes them skeptical and in some cases very demanding.


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